Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Disney 2014!

I know, I was gone forever again, but I'm back with Disney food pics! With the exception of 2 dessert pics, everything here is vegan and most of it is gluten free (at a certain point, my gluten rash came back so I assumed I'd been gluten-ed so I ate some anyway (again, I'm intolerant, not allergic)). 

Raglan Road - risotto. It was amazing. I almost cried when I couldn't eat any more. XGFX. Dessert was just fruit, sad.

We have been trying to get into Chef Mickey's for years. We finally made it in, but it really wasn't all that. The buffet wasn't high in choices and it took FOREVER for a chef to come, and the waitress kept forgetting to bring me a water (but did get the soy for my coffee). Waffles and a cupcake! XGFX.

Akershus salad bar. Yummy! XGFX.

Akershus. Some sort of veggie quinoa thing and a roll. Freaking awesome. XGFX. I forget what dessert was, so we can be assured it probably wasn't that impressive.

XGFX waffles (Flounder and Ariel!) at the Art of Animation quick serve restaurant. I dealt with 3 chefs there during our stay, and they were all super nice.

Art of Animation quick serve dinner. Indian! Plus bread instead of naan (sigh). The spinach wasn't great but the rest was. And a 4 pack of babycakes brownies counted as a dessert! XGFX.

Sana'a at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Only one of the spreads with the package wasn't vegan (the raita, of course) and the naan and onion whatever weren't good for me so I got pappadums. So much yummy.

Sana'a meal, pappadums behind the plate. Two chickpea things. I forget what, but yum. XGFX.

Sana'a dessert - fresh made sorbet! Pineapple and coconut and a mango puree and fruit. The best dessert in the place. The pineapple sorbet was good but the coconut was amazing - like clouds. So good. XGFX.

The husband's dessert (not vegan).

The stepson's cheesecake! (Not vegan.)

Okay so we went to Mama Melrose's at Hollywood Studios, and my gluten rash was going crazy, so I thought FINE, I will eat gluten at the italian restaurant, because they had this great sounding mushroom flatbread. Well the gluten free dough has eggs, and the regular has whey. The chef said that with advanced notice they could make a vegan dough, but not gluten free. 

Here's whole wheat pasta with veggies. It was great, and I do not like whole wheat pasta.

XGFX pizza from the Art of Animation restaurant!

My childhood dreams, realized with a personalized Mickey hat and a Princess Kneesa.

Epcot was having it's flower festival and so they had a ton of specialty food carts. This is an eggplant scallop with remoulade and spaghetti squash. I don't like spaghetti squash but I wanted to lick this thing clean. Vegan, probably gluten free, but I didn't verify that.

Tokyo Dinner in Epcot! The kid loves her veggie sushi.

Here's the fun sounding tempura/sushi platter vegan'ed, so steamed veggies instead of tempura. Alas. Still good!

Mickey waffles at Olivia's cafe. XGFX.

Cutting her own pancakes! 

Maybe a non food post later in the week for other Disney pics :)

Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Years Food

Today's ugly food - the hottie black eyed peas and greens from Isa's Appetite for Reduction. The best black eyed pea recipe I've ever had - even the kid and husband like it! Kiddo finished her bowl for dinner, so that was super exciting b

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 - Resolutions?

Part of me hates New Year's resolutions, part of me loves them. Mostly, I think I hate them. You pin so much on the start of a year. "Well last year sucked, but THIS year, this is THE YEAR." I think in most cases, it's just more days. Every day is a new day, a new chance. The year is not out to get you, people. I promise. Just hang in there. 

"Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around." (Man, I love that quote. I have it memorized. I did sort of forget it was from Vanilla Sky though. Alas. Of course, I also love "I am beset by the ironies of my life" from The Last Samurai...)

Just, do the best you can, every day. Work towards a goal, every day. There are these people out there who accomplish SO MUCH and it's just mind boggling. But how much time do I spend sitting on my butt, watching TV? Too much. I did recently connect my love of books and TV though - they're stories. Duh. (Currently I'm binging USA's "Suits." I love most of the other USA shows, so why not? Psych, White Collar, Monk, Covert Affairs... why not another one, right?)

1. SEE BASTILLE LIVE IN CONCERT. I had tickets last year, but to their closest show, which was in Philly. A 16 hour drive round trip with a 7 year old? No. BUT IT WILL HAPPEN. 

Look. If you don't like Bastille, I'm not sure we can be friends. I mean, we can be, but I'll wonder about you. Your taste is suspect. Their original stuff is great, their remakes are great. Just, go. Listen. Indulge in Bastille. You're welcome. (Picture I said that Sadie style, a la MTV's amazing show, Awkward.)

2. Get my migraines under control through diet and exercise (I ordered P90X3 yesterday! I am very excited for: 30 minute work-outs, Tony in a higher quality picture (dare to dream for HD Tony), and a meal plan that isn't EAT ALL THE MEATZ). I'm going to juice more, and have more smoothies and salads. I'm a vegan, for heaven's sake. Why do I have weeks where I don't eat a single salad? Madness. (I'm not a big Muse fan for the most part, but I kind of like this song. Also, the title is right.)

3. Finish my first novel. I wrote just over 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo, and then I got distracted by holiday things, but I have spent a lot of time thinking about my novel, so I'm ready to get back to it. ONWARD. Will it suck? Will it get published? I have no idea. But I can't just not do it and lament what could have been, can I? (I have read some books this year that are not that good and fill me with hope for myself.)

4. Get more organized. When you grow up without organization, you don't really catch on, and before you know it, you're in your 30s and your house is a mess. 

Okay, that's pretty much it, actually. LIVE EACH DAY. Unless of course you have 2 1/2 weeks of the flu, like I just had, in which case, you lay on your backside and watch TV and drink ginger ale and eat too many gluten free pretzels and feel bad for yourself. 

YOUR goal. Bastille. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Eating Out: Pizza and Apple Pie

During a gluten phase, obviously.

Pizza from the Mellow Mushroom (if they ever make their gluten free crust vegan, I will have a problem. A yummy, amazing problem.).

 photo IMG_7701_zps2d396357.jpg

I got super excited when The Black Cat Cafe said they had a vegan individual apple pie, but it wasn't that amazing. The crust was okay, and the inside was pretty watery, so I just pushed the crust in to absorb the liquid.

 photo IMG_7814_zps3987c3a7.jpg

Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Catch Up Pics!

I found this recipe for lentil soup in my recipes folder - I think it was from Vegetarian Times. It incorporates cilantro, so of course it's awesome.

 photo IMG_8056_zps61a0e03c.jpg

I've been making Dreena's almond roasted cauliflower from LTEV a lot lately - I sub sunflower seeds for the almonds and it's AMAZING. The yummiest cauliflower ever, I think.

 photo IMG_8057_zps1e7c24e4.jpg

Taco night!

 photo IMG_7771_zps2631aa09.jpg

Now that I have vegan sprinkles (I may sometimes eat some plain. Ahem) I can make funfetti pancakes for the kid!

 photo IMG_7551_zpsbf90ec42.jpg

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm Back? Some Holiday Foods

Sorry guys! NaNo (I did it, I wrote 50K+ words!) but then holiday shopping and then I was sick and then it was Christmas - but I think I'm good now. (Knock on wood)

I'm drinking a carrot apple lemon juice right now (Joe the Juicer's "recipe" - 4 carrots, 2 apples, 1 lemon). 

I was so distracted that this happened to my booch - 

 photo IMG_8096_zps0746e29c.jpg

Here's Thanksgiving - I'm going to start mixing it up more because I usually make the same things - Tofurky, gravy, tiny roasted potatoes, 2 kinds of cranberry sauce (different than I normally make, didn't like them as much), mashed potatoes, stuffing. I go gluten for Thanksgiving - I really love tofurky.

 photo IMG_1891_zpsf6ae662f.jpg

My plate.

 photo IMG_7886_zps452acf52.jpg

Here's a gluten free pumpkin cinnamon roll - it was okay, but it was no amazing gluten-y Chloe Coscarelli cinnamon roll of perfection. 

 photo IMG_1880_zps6275e52e.jpg

Snickerdoodles! I used the Vegan Guinea Pig's recipe, and they're pretty great. I gluten freed them - my standard 3:1 brown rice flour:tapioca flour (or cornstarch) but I threw in some chickpea flour for good measure.

 photo IMG_8055_zps33f01e32.jpg

I made some Engine 2 pumpkin muffins as well. They're okay, but the flour is only ground oats, so they were a little thick. (Dreena Burton's recipe, which incorporates some flour (that I subbed for brown rice flour) is yummier.)

 photo IMG_7663_zps10eb8c4c.jpg

Friday, November 15, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013

Hi everyone! Sorry - this month is going to be pretty (extra) slow. I'm trying my first NaNoWriMo (even though I signed up 2 years ago). 

Today I had a smoothie for breakfast (soy milk, hemp protein, banana) and a smoothie for lunch (soy milk, rice protein, peaches, psyllium powder, bananas) and then I was a bad supposed-to-be-gluten-free girl and went to Mellow Mushroom for vegan but not gluten free pizza. Being vegan is easy - being gluten free? Harder.

I'm going to go hope some of my home brew booch is yummy so I can get some yummy digestive enzymes in :) 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Charleston SC - Black Bean Co.

Yesterday I went to Charleston SC for Y'all Fest - a young adult author fest with panels and tons of author signings. I was thrilled to discover that one of the restaurants in the middle of the fest, Black Bean Co., has an entire vegan section on it's menu! 

Amazing, right? I got the Green Beach Burrito and the kiddo got the Mega Veggie without the almonds. In that order:

So good! It's a damn shame that we forgot our leftovers in a bathroom. I'm going to go weep for my lost leftovers now. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Recent eats: cheesy potato, artichoke, and more!

Some recent eats!

A baked potato with broccoli and cheese (the cheesy sauce from Appetite for Reduction) and a steamed artichoke and some tofu (forget what kind).

 photo IMG_1792_zps6bbe20b3.jpg

Appetite for Reduction Nicoise Salad. I was going to cheap out and buy a plain potato, but the commissary actually had this cute bag of red white and blue baby potatoes and I couldn't say no, and the kid appreciated that. She didn't eat the chickpeas but she liked the rest.

 photo IMG_1789_zps3a3a933b.jpg

In my early vegan days, and even my pregan days, I used to like to saute veggies (whatever kind I had) and add them to the sauce. Here is a sauce with mushrooms and topped with lots of nooch.

 photo IMG_7326_zps97f5c757.jpg

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Have you tried these new milks?

Has anyone tried these milks? I just spotted them at Harris Teeter, but I was on a sprinkle mission so I passed them by.

The rice and quinoa one amused me because we recently saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, and in it, the main character is offered a quinoa latte. But also, coconut/almond/chia? 

 photo IMG_7346_zpsef0867db.jpg

 photo IMG_7348_zps244883cc.jpg