Monday, October 20, 2014

Sorry for the MoFo Suckage!

Sorry everyone!

I've been querying a book and revising a book and thinking of more books. Clearly it interferes with my food blogging.

But the kid's birthday is soon and I've got plans! So hang tight. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Apple Cider Donuts

I know what you people like.


We went to the local cider mill this morning.

Okay, wait. Let's take a break right there. I spent the last 5 years living at least 3 hours away (one way) from an orchard. Cider. Fresh apples. Nothing. Now we live 15 minutes from a place that fresh presses their own cider and sells apple cider donuts. Of course they aren't vegan, which is sad for me and the kiddo. So I took my gallon of cider and we started making donuts.

Up first. This recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring. I subbed ener-g for the eggs.

They're yummy! I used the Bob's AP GF mix and it has a little bit too much of it's own flavor, but these were yummy and the kiddo really loved them. Yay!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Restaurant Time! Apollo Restaurant

Okay, so maybe getting falafel and hummus from a Greek place wasn't the best idea I ever had, but it's all vegan! YAY!

From Apollo Restaurant in Watertown NY. They're really friendly and the waitress knows what vegan means! 

Hummus, kalamata olives, falafel, pita, grape leaves. Pretty good! The falafel isn't too falafel-y, and the hummus is chunky and super garlicky, but it's good. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Slacking already! Some Grilled Stuff.

Ugh, sorry everyone! Working on some things that are keeping me busy.

My favorite thing about owning a grill? My husband cooks dinner more often. Here we have grilled potatoes (From the farmer's market, they're called "creamers" apparently), grilled garlic scapes, some squash, and BBQ tofu. 

I love BBQ tofu. Tofu and barbeque sauce, together, always good. 

Tonight's dinner is just pasta and broccoli. No picture of that :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

BBQ Tofu & Coleslaw Sandwiches

Day #2 of Vegan MoFo! 

One of the (very few) things we miss about NC is the BBQ Tofu sandwiches at the Black Cat Cafe in Raleigh NC. Even my husband, who isn't a vegan, misses them. Last night, he set about to recreate these sandwiches, with BBQ tofu and cole slaw. They were really yummy, but too spicy - the called for hot sauce in the recipe was too much for us and definitely for the kiddo, so cut down on that unless you like things to burn.

Please excuse the non-gluten free rolls. I had a moment of weakness. The commissary had some ridiculously moldy Schar rolls the last time we went, and I can't buy anything from that section for awhile now, to ease my freaked out mind.

Today we got a last minute invite to a friend's potluck thing. I made more coleslaw and some tiny cupcakes. Then I made some black bean burgers which were good, and everyone ate theirs, yay!

I tried some of the mini cupcakes and some frosting, so not my healthiest day. But the commissary has the silk soy yogurt on sale for $.75! 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy Vegan MoFo 2014!

Whoa, my last post was in June? Sorry about that, everyone! About a month and a half ago, I moved from NC (where I was miserable, because I am a New Englander and I do not belong in the south) to way the heck upstate NY. It's way better here. The people are nicer, the weather is better, and even though we're in pretty much the middle of nowhere, there are some decent food options! 


Yeah yeah, until winter and the lake effect snow. I know, I get it.

So when my husband came home from Afghanistan (uhh...2 years ago?) I was 10 pounds over my goal weight.

As of yesterday, I was 26 over.


So what happened? I stopped working out consistently. I started eating gluten sometimes. (As a reminder, I'm not allergic, it just doesn't really like me. Aside from issues I won't mention, I bloat and get this weird rash on my right knee, left foot and elbow, and my hands.) Not cool, self.

So. I've been writing (YA novels) for about a year now, and I'm sitting more. Right at this moment (August 31st, I'm writing this ahead of time so I won't miss the first day!) I've got some things in the works. Think happy thoughts, won't you?

School starts for the kiddo on September 3rd, so I'm going to start working out again. I've got P90X3 (and P90X) and I miss Tony, so I'll start hanging out with him again.

Until then, I'm eating better. My only consumed gluten is ezekiel bread—no more than a slice a day. Oh, and if we go to Syracuse, I'll be eating some Strong Hearts, cause that place is amazing. 

So that's it. My MoFo plan. Eat food that likes me back. Today, good things I ate include: kale/pineapple/banana smoothie, soy yogurt and I forget what else because I'm doing writing things and spacing.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dreena Burton's "Gimme Chimis"

I've had Dreena Burton's "Eat, Drink, and be Vegan" since it was published, and I only last night made her Gimme Chimis.

They were amazing.

(I'm stealing her picture from the above link - my picture is awful and won't do them any justice.)

So good. My husband loved them too and my kid said they "were pretty good, but not the favorite thing in my life." Well, obviously ;) 

I followed the recipe exactly but used tofu instead of tempeh. I cut it into tiny cubes, fried them till they had a little more texture, and added them in.

You have to try this recipe!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cupcakes! So, well...gluten free, at least!

In keeping with yesterday's post about eating gluten free and returning to healthier food...well, I'll keep eating gluten free at least.

I have some tiny Enjoy Life chocolate chips that have been calling my name, so I made cupcakes. About a year ago I went through Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and divided some of the recipes in quarters, so that I could make 3 cupcakes at a time. In theory. Also, 3 cupcakes = 12 mini cupcakes. 

So I made 3 gluten free cupcakes for me and 6 for the kid and husband to share. I ran out of cocoa powder so the frosting is only a little bit chocolate-y and a lot bit sugar-y. *twitch*

On the left is the gluten free one and the regular one is on the right. I totally spaced and left the oil out of the gluten free ones (I'm writing two books, I'm easily distracted), but with all that frosting I can't really tell anyway. 

Twenty-two days until we move!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Returning to GF & Sensible Eating & Increasing Vegan Level

Okay, so in addition to being a bad food blogger, I've also been a bad gluten-free eater and have gained a few pounds. So not cool. 

One of the many perks of moving is that I am so excited to leave NC. I am like a 12th generation New Englander and I do not belong in the south, land of the humid, where lizards roam free. This means that I am really happy to be going as close to home as the Army is currently willing to send us, and life should be happier and easier and I will actually be willing to do something crazy, like go for a walk outside and take the kid to the park.

Until then, I can eat gluten free, though the main food focus for the next month is to use up all the food we have on hand.

So I used to be really picky about I liked tempeh - I liked Katie's Tempeh Wingz, Isa's Biscuits and Gravy, Isa's Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes, and that was it. 

In the last few months, something weird has happened - I even like my tempeh plain, right out of the package! Crazy, right? My FB vegan friends and I theorize my vegan level is increasing ;) It's been about 10 years since I went vegan, so maybe that's it. 

I got some of Schar's gluten free ciabatta buns the other day, and I decided I needed tempeh salad to top my roll. Off I googled, where I found Hungry Hungry Hippie's recipe. I lazied it up for me and made a 1/4 batch. Mine had tempeh, relish, tamari, apple cider vinegar (lazier than lemon juice), dill, garlic powder, and half the amount of vegenaise. I really liked it, but the kiddo thought it was gross. 

Today or tomorrow I'll straighten my fridge and pantry, make a list, and take pics to show you all what I'm working with. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Over 100,000 Page Views + We're Moving!!!

Awww I love you all! My blog just passed 100,000 page views! Maybe I'll try another giveaway soon! I wonder if I have anything here that you guys can't get there? Gluten free duck pasta aside... :)

In other news, we've been in Fayetteville for 4 years and 9 months as of July. And as of July, WE'RE FINALLY FREAKING LEAVING. Phew! I am an 11th generation New Englander, and I do not belong in the south. As of July-ish, we'll be in way upstate NY, north of Syracuse! Syracuse...that has a vegan restaurant with a ton of milkshakes! SO EXCITING. I will eat my weight in fresh apples. I will get snowed in. I will have less heat/humidity migraines. I won't be afraid for my life.