Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Giveaway winner and cake! And cupcakes!

Thanks to all 4 of my giveaway entries! The magic that is rafflecopter picked Amanda as a winner, and so I sent her an email. To the rest of you, since there were only a few, if you can't find the enjoy life chocolate crisp bars where you are, I will buy and send each of you one bar - just let me know :) 

The kid just turned 7 on me - oy! Here are some pics of her cake and cupcakes (mostly all vanilla except for a few cupcakes that are strawberry and chocolate with vanilla frosting). 

(Pardon the baking disaster surrounding the first pic, but at least now you know why my husband bought me a moose apron that says "Making a moose in the kitchen.")

Here's the cake covered in vegan sprinkles, woo! (Of course I found them at Harris Teeter so I bought 4 containers at $4.29 each and then I found them at the commissary for $2.59, alas.)

 photo IMG_7405_zps6b202f17.jpg

 photo IMG_7418_zpsf0f95e70.jpg

 photo IMG_7473_zps8a8b1acc.jpg

Pink tiger cupcakes with homemade vegan fondant thanks to dandies and this recipe

 photo IMG_7472_zps137daa16.jpg

I tried to tiger stripe the cupcakes inside as well, but I was having an off baking day, so these are the best I got.

 photo IMG_7394_zps241143c9.jpg

Some of the cupcakes were just plain white vanilla.

Oh and because I know you want details on those sprinkles . . . thanks Betty Crocker

 photo IMG_7349_zps08d72130.jpg


Laura said...

That cake looks so good! Ever since I had to go gluten-free, I am a sucked for cake! I'm still looking for the perfect GF, vegan recipe!

Sarah said...

Indeed! I gluten free'd my last cake, for my dad's birthday, but since I was having a bunch of non-vegans over for the kid's party, I didn't bother. I've heard Isa's cake flour mix - listed on the boards somewhere - is good, but I've never felt rich enough for quinoa flour :D

GreenBici said...

Love the tie-dye design!
Peace :)