Saturday, September 07, 2013

Our First GoPicnic Review!

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I've wanted to try these GoPicnic snack kits since I first spotted them at Target, but at $3.99 each I wasn't quite willing to make that financial commitment. For back to school this year, they dropped to $3.00 each so I purchased three different kinds.

The other day the kiddo took this kit, the black bean dip & plantain chip, to school with her (on a side note, I once saw a parent at the local commissary buy at least 20 of the OTHER sort of meal kit, the one I'll never buy).

The kiddo says of this one "I love love loved it!" I asked her to elaborate, and she said "I loved that all the stuff was so yummy." I sent it in with a few other snacks just in case she didn't like it, and I guess that stuff distracted her because she came home with the nut mix (peanuts, craisins, banana chips) and the chocolate tangerine candies unopened. Also, it said the peanuts were ginger peanuts, but they weren't remotely gingery, which was sad for me, but probably for the best for her. 

I think these are good in a pinch, and to give your vegan kiddo something other-meal-box-like, but it would be a lot less expensive to buy all the things separately and bag them yourself, of course. 


lymie said...

I always wondered if those were any good. Thanks for the review.

Mandee said...

Ooh, what a great snack idea! I wish we had these here :)

Sarah said...

Lymie you're welcome! I'll review the other 2 of them after we finish them. I may have taken them apart for parts. Ahem.

Mandee! Make your own, be an Aussie entrepreneur :D

libertine101 said...

I just tried these and enjoyed. Consider yourself lucky though. In Australia, they cost about $5.

libertine101 said...

Mandee - we DO have them in Australia! My review here:

Sarah said...

I have heard that most things are super pricey in Australia, but you know, Australia!! It just occurred to me to wonder if Aussies hate when we (Americans) call Australia "Oz" - I really hate when people call New York City "Gotham," so I'm wondering.