Thursday, September 05, 2013

True Vegan Food: Lentil Soup(s)

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As a vegan, I'm pretty sure I'm contractually obligated to like lentil soup, and yet mostly, lentil soups are "meh". Except for my two favorite lentil soups!

Appetite for Reduction's Arabian Lentil Soup. Lemon, coriander, and cumin make this one our all around favorite - even the kiddo and the hubs eat it! I always add more lemon, coriander, and cumin, because I can. 

 photo IMG_1611_zps58fe9268.jpg

Yellow Rose Recipes' Mom's Lentil Soup by Joanna Vaught. This one is really pumped up by an unexpected ingredient - cloves! It's pretty great.

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While I was looking for those pics, I found this one, so here! A bonus lentil soup with curry leaves! All blended up together, nice and creamy. 

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Joanne said...

Finding good lentil soup is hard stuff! You are not alone in thinking this. :)

Sarah said...

Yeah! There are some very lackluster lentil soups out there. Poor lentils.

Dawn said...

That AFR soup is one of my favs. Not just of lentil soups, of all soups. I haven't tried the YRR one. I should. The one in vcon with the tarragon in it is good too. I love the idea of a creamy lentil soup. You've been making me hungry every day.

Annie @ Natural Sweet Recipes said...

I have just discovered how much I love lentils! I haven't made lentil soup yet, but I've been wanting to! I am bookmarking this for later. It looks great!

Randi (laughfrodisiac) said...

Uhhhh that Arabian lentil soup is THE BEST! omg I'm obsessed. I remember the first time I made it, I tried it while it was simmering and I thought, well this is fine. Then I added the lemon, as you do at the end...and holy crap, mind BLOWN!