Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cupcakes for Left Out Vegan Kids

Here are some vanilla cupcakes with (artificial) strawberry frosting that I made for the kiddo this week. She had an end of year party for her Daisy troop and one for her school class, and I knew there would be cupcakes. I couldn't quite match the coolness of the Daisies daisy shaped cake or the angry bird cupcakes they handed out in school, but she did have pink cupcakes, and that helped :) 

Originally I tried to get away with not going to the grocery store - we only had gluten free flours and extra virgin olive oil, but I made gluten free evoo cupcakes anyway, and Livi really liked them! But then I realized I was out of powdered sugar so we had to go to the story anyway. The picture is of gluten-y canola oil cupcakes.

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