Sunday, May 05, 2013

Some Reboot Juices and Other Food

Okay, sorry about the delay between postings! Army life. Total PITA. Anyway. I had this great idea to do a juice cleanse a la Joe the Juicer starting May 1st. I only made it til about lunch on the first day because I wasn't swimming in produce the way you should be. Also, I found that the juices were making me kind of woozy, so I cut down. Instead I started the day with coffee, then a juice, then a smoothie, and then whatever else I was going to eat, though since the 1st I have re-quit gluten. Here are some food and drinks I've had recently.

Tofu, white rice, mix veg, all covered with nooch. I forget what tofu recipe this was - I think it was sort of like the VwaV Italian tofu, but I fudged a few things.

It's corn season again, hurray! The kid was super excited too.

Prepped for one of the juices (I used juice recipes from the reboot site). Here is beet, carrot, celery, lemon, orange. It was really yummy, which I didn't expect, because usually when I think beet juice I think ginger juice.

This one was beet, carrot, apple, ginger. Also yummy.

Tofu, peas, and the lemon potatoes from Veganomicon.

Carrot, apple, ginger. Really yummy!

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