Monday, October 10, 2011

Raleigh Trip


On Saturday we went on a trip to Raleigh so we could go to Whole Foods and check out the playhouses on display at Cameron Village. The playhouses are being auctioned off to help fund a special all-access playground. The kiddo had seen the commercials with the playhouses and she really wanted to go so we decided to surprise her. On a food theme, here's the Pie-Rat ship :D


After that we went to the new Whole Foods on Six Forks Road and I really liked it. Here's a shot of some beans in bulk bins.


And here's the kiddo next to some of the bins so you can see how much they have. 


And because I hadn't yet had lunch, I got some veggie sushi!


Speaking of sushi, I'm going to try making some quinoa sushi later! 

eta! Also, I got more pepperjack daiya so I made lazy quesadillas again :)



vegan eden said...

that's it!! I am soo going to make sushi today 1!

Dawn said...

I think what I didn't like at first about the new wfm was that I didn't know my way around. But now they're rearranging the old one, so it's a toss-up :) The new one is lovely. And I think it has a better bulk section! Glad you all were able to make it.

Mandee said...

I wish we had Whole Foods here! And I can't wait to see your quinoa sushi, what a great idea!

Angela said...

I wish we had Whole Foods here. Thankfully, they're in Toronto now, and I'm moving there next year. Where do you live now? I used to live in Fayetteville (Fort Bragg really) so I know all about Raleigh :)

Sarah said...

Hey! I live on Fort Bragg! You're in Sydney? I'm jealous - I'd love to go to Australia! Also, your review for Flying Fish looks amazing!