Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MoFo things I want to make

XGFX Pizza!

No-Knead bread (for the husband and kid).

Crustless raw cheesecake bites!

Chocolate Covered Katie's fat-free banana bread!

Cheesy garlicky kale!

Smoky chickpea quinoa feta salad!

Something with my mesquite flour!

Melody's good stir-fry!

And I made some bbq soy curls!

(The picture for these has to wait - the only problem I have with my Macbook is that sometimes when I try to upload pics, my most recently imported pics aren't the ones that show up under my "last import" section - fail).

eta: Okay, here's the pic! I put them on a rice wrap - sometimes they're okay and sometimes they're gross - I actually had to throw the wrap out but I ate the rest.


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