Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BBQ Soy Curls leftovers

Leftover cold bbq soy curls are surprisingly yummy. That being said, a bag of soy curls makes a LOT of soy curls, so I couldn't eat them all like that. What's a girl to do? I decided I wanted more pepperjack daiya quesadillas so I added some soy curls onto that! 

REALLY yummy. I might go make one now and it's only 7:55am . . .


For breakfast yesterday I had what I thought was a great idea - a "milkshake" (frozen bananas and milk) made with chocolate rice milk and a touch of almond extract. It was not great and the texture was off - I blame the rice milk - I don't usually use rice milk but I figure I could stand to cut back on the soy a bit.  


Speaking of soy, the only liquid soy I have to have in my life is Silk Soy Creamer (PLAIN). It doesn't curdle, it tastes great, I love it. I used to get the tiny containers at Target for $1.29 but they reorganized and now I have to get it at Harris Teeter where it ranges from $1.99-$2.29 depending on the day. Boo. And Whole Foods stopped carrying Silk? Whatever. Boo. Now, you're probably thinking I should try the coconut creamer or one of the other soy creamers - well I have tried almost all of them and I can't stand them. At this point I may just have to quit coffee. (I joke. Maybe?)


jessy said...

when we switched from soymilk to almond milk i noticed a big difference texture wise in my smoothies as well. i started adding in a tbsp of ground flax seed and 2 tbsp of gluten-free oats and it works really well to kinda bulk it up a bit.

i'm gonna make soycurls to put in quesadillas. never would have thought to do so and yours look so freak'n amazing i'm gonna have to make this happen!

Sarah said...

Aha, thanks! Flax I can do but I seem to be oat intolerant (even gf). And they ARE amazing in quesadillas! So good.

Emily said...

Soy curl pepperjack quesadilla?!?! I haven't had a quesadilla in ages, but now I want to make one... specifically, that one!

Man, I love MoFo and all these great recipes.