Monday, November 08, 2010

My Seitan Stand by and the Death of a Bread Machine


So today was another day where I had no idea what to make for dinner. In my defense, I have been exhausted since the kid went to the hospital - partly because of stress, perhaps partly because of the topamax I've been taking to help prevent migraines, perhaps partly because I haven't been able to workout because of the hospitalization and my exhaustion. Anyway.

This afternoon I started making seitan because the kiddo asked for some yesterday - I decided on boiled (instead of steamed) so I made the Veganomicon recipe (in case you've never made boiled Seitan, Kennyboy's tutorial is how I managed to make decent seitan the first time). I have found that if I put it in the Kitchen Aid stand mixer and let it go longer, it makes the texture firmer and nicer. Also, I usually just boil mine with water, not broth - this is pretty much just because I don't want to use that much broth (it's a cheapness thing:)

So Livi's dinner was boiled seitan, steamed broccoli, raw carrots, and some pasta with soy free smart balance (it was pretty cheap at a recent excursion to Wal-Mart for Halloween goods (on a side note, it turns out Wal-Mart actually makes me physically ill)).

But for me, what to eat? The original plan for dinner had included fresh made bread - we have a bread machine and we haven't had fresh bread in awhile, so we loaded the bread machine and started it. Here's Livi watching the machine do it's thing:


A little while later, I thought I smelled something funny - a little like burning rubber - but I wasn't sure (darned allergies!). I checked the bread machine and the dough looked funny. I thought it just needed more water so I added a tiny bit and tried to restart it and then I realized - my machine, around 4-5 years old and around $80-$90, was dead. Good bye bread machine. You helped me gain too much weight while I was pregnant and I appreciated you. I'll try to make bread without a bread machine from now on.

So back to my dinner. My stand-by seitan meal is to saute it with green peppers and onions, to make a noochy cheese sauce and throw it all on top of bread and call it a cheese steak. I did that tonight, no onions, using the nacho cheese sauce from Yellow Rose Recipes.



Nicole said...

Looks so yummy for an emergency meal!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Sounds really good!

Dawn said...

RIP bread machine. Hope you find a new one you love soon.
On another note, that seitan looks delicious! I really might have to try to make the gluten free one that's floating around the internet somewhere.