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More on P90X and Vegan Nutrition

Don't mind me, I'm just attempting the never ending quest to read the P90X Women's thread :)

Just for fun, here's the kiddo. She's mad cause I was taking her picture.


First? I found an article on changing from the inside out.

Then I found this info. I was going to ask the member who posted it if I could post it, but it seems like she pulled it from somewhere and she seems to be inactive. She said it's from a Beachbody Nutrition Advice Staff Guru.

"Phase 1 of the diet plan is not designed to put you into ketosis--at least not for very long. It's designed to, essentially, wring the carbohydrates out of your system until you have trouble with the workouts. At this point, you begin to add them back in. In our experience this is the best way to teach people about nutrient ratios because once you do this you'll understand, by experience, why carbohydrates are important in your diet.

Unfortunately, we don't really address vegetarians and, especially, vegans. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily it's that those who take the time to eliminate meat already have an understanding of how nutrition affects the body and, two, they are far less likely to be overweight. There's also the issue of bulk of information. We would really need to write a different book.

This is always an issue when designing one program and one diet for everyone. It's impossible to cover every individual need. This is why we offer support areas, like the Message Boards. We do the best we can within the medium we work in. It's not individual consulting. But you can't get an individual to train your for 12 weeks and monitor your diet for 150 bucks either. You'll get two one-hour sessions.

One very important aspect to our phased diet plan that is often overlooked is the part that tells you only to remain in each phase for as long as it feels good. As we state, phase one might only last a few days for some people. The fitter you are, the less likely you'll be able to eat this way doing P90X.

The reason that it's important is that most people eat too much sugar. They also eat too much fatty meat, too much dairy, and not enough plants but first things first. Eating sugar and refined carbs all day long causes a pronounced effect on a person's energy levels. So eliminating this, using whatever means necessary, is the most effective first steps we've found that work for the highest percentage of people. When carbs are added back into the diet (and especially as they learn the difference between complex carbs and those encased in a fiber, like fruit and sugars) it creates an instant understand in the relationship that nutrient ratios play in one's diet.

Phase 3 of the plan is the goal. Not everyone will earn it. But this is a phase where you are eating for an active lifestyle, where your percentage of protein is much lower. If you are healthy and active that is the best way to eat. But those trying to lose weight and change poor dietary habits generally need a bit of structure in how they change their diet. This is what we've tried to provide with the diet plan.

It's not the perfect diet, but it's our best shot at one solution that will affect the highest percentage of people."

and then she said...

Hope this helps. It sure helped me to realize that it is a misconception that you can only lose fat/gain muscle with high protein/low carbs. In fact, here's another recent quote from Beachbody advice staff in answer to a forum member's question about why such a reduction of protein and increase in carbs for Phase III:

"Because you don't need it. It's just there to fill the gaps as you wring the carbs from your system [to teach you what your body needs to keep going]. Other than that, it doesn't do anything. The average person can only absorb about 30g of protein at once. People who pile on the stuff aren't really achieving anything."

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