Monday, October 18, 2010

Food . . . meh

So it's funny that I spent I don't know how long making sure I was eating around 1200 calories a day, and now that I can eat 1800+, I frequently find myself full by around 1300 calories. Ho hum. 

I saw my new neurologist the other day for my migraines, and she started me on the generic version of Topamax, and apparently one of the side effects of that is loss of appetite. I can't quite tell if my lack of appetite is because of that or if it happened right before I started the meds. 

Here are a few days on sparkpeople:









And then here's today so far:


And it's about that point in the day where if I eat now, it's almost definitely going to make me sick. Ho hum! 

So in regards to P90X, some of me thinks "hurray! I'm at least 500 calories under my recommended intake! I'm sure to lose weight" and part of me thinks "oh crud, I'm under my recommended calorie intake, I'm doomed!" I was in a Beachbody chat with Steve Edwards today and he had some things to say on calorie intake - I have to find the info and research it more and I'll get back to you.

 eta: I'm also super tired lately - perhaps another side effect? 

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