Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heart Rates

So like a good girl, I finally bought a heart rate monitor, and I now wear it when I do Kenpo, Plyometrics and Cardio.

But last night Kitteh (as opposed to Kittee) asked about what heart rate zone she should be working on. I recall having always heard that one should work out at 60-85% of their max, but being a good coach, I looked it up just to be certain.

Here's the info the Beachbody heart rate calculator gave me -


and then I found this page


So based upon the info from those pages, I say that the temperate zone (125-144 for me) is good for fat burning, but that I should be aiming for the aerobic zone (144-164 for me) for maximum calorie burning.

And on that note, I've been doing my workouts - almost all of them - at night after the kiddo goes to bed and I've been noticing my heart rate never goes above 150 at the absolute most. A few days ago I did Cardio X in the morning and it went over 150 and I felt better doing the workout. And then I thought of my friend Alison from NH. I met Alison at my old gym, and she was so cool - she just worked so hard the whole time running back and forth from treadmill to weight room endlessly. And I remember that some days Alison would say she was too tired and couldn't get in her zone. So then it hit me! When I do cardio at night I can't get into my ideal heart rate zone! So from now on, I will somehow squeeze my cardio in during the day.

I hope some of this info has been helpful! Also? If I'm totally wrong about any of this, just post and let me know!

I'M NOT MEDICALLY TRAINED. Just remember that :)

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Mandee said...

You are a good coach! Thanks for this post, now I will re-calculate my heart rate and aim for the aeriobic zone!

And I would agree that working out in the morning would allow you to reach your target heart rate.