Thursday, February 04, 2010

My new Fayetteville happy place: Food Lion?

I know! It sounds nuts. I have been to 2 of the SIXTEEN Food Lions within 10 miles of me. The Food Lion on Skibo Road (next to PetSmart, across the street fro Target and Best Buy) is worthless. My choice Food Lion is at 151 Westwood Shopping Center. Their vegan offerings? Not a complete list, but what I recall is:

An exciting food day, hurray! It's good, cause my day started sad - I'm trying to adjust to these new glasses I got from VisionWorks, and I swear they're trying to kill me - so I started my day with a horrible migraine - I couldn't even appreciate my coffee! *sniff* Today's coffee? Melitta's Morning Bliss. Also on hand, Melitta's Sun & Moon and Millstone something or other. How do I choose coffee? I go into the Fort Bragg Commissary and I pick a free trade organic one - there's only about 5 or 6. Once I recovered (thank you Relpax and HeadOn!) I had a lovely fruit salad - kiwis, banana, grapes, hemp seeds. Dinner? Yellow Rose Recipe's Taco Salad!


twotwotwo said...

OMG I LOVE THE GO MAX bars. They're evil though. Too much like chocolate. I don't know about you, but the Krogers out here in Durham have special "natural foods" sections that carry some pretty good stuff (although it can disappear) such as the full tofutti line (cream cheese, slices, pizza and ice cream), all the amy's meals, gabbila's kosher foods...I don't know if you've got it out there or not but it's worth checking :)

Sarah said...

Thanks!! :) They are evil. And apparently my closed Kroger is in Fuquay, which is 34 miles from here. I'm not sure its worth it :D