Saturday, January 30, 2010

International Food Fun, Fayetteville Style

Stop 1 - The Mediterranean Mart

Chickpea flour, cumin seeds, black salt, dates, giant fruit snack (T.V. calls them "fruity fruits"), quinoa, tahini, za'atar, sumac.


All for $32! They had a bunch more vegan stuff - halvah, bunches of tamarind stuff, more spices and noodles and stuff. Fun times! Just ignore the case labeled "goat" and walk on by.

Stop 2 - The Asian Grocery

A bummer. I wanted a big thing of low sodium soy sauce - nope. I did get some nori, but that's it.

Stop 3 - Indian! The Bombay Bistro. I was looking over the menu - they don't have dosas - sad! - but they had a buffet. The very nice waitress asked what I was looking for and I told her I was vegan. She told me they can make almost anything vegan and then went in back to find out what on the buffet was vegan. It was a tiny buffet, I didn't have much hope. But at least 1/2 of it was vegan! I had pita, brown rice (seasoned with cloves!!) and 3 different kinds of entrees, 2 dips, and then this amazing soup. T.V. and I picked a table next to 2 moms and their 2 boys - the kids entertained each other, and when T.V. spilled my water all over her, the waitress ran over with towels and the mom next to me gave me a clean shirt she happened to have in her purse! Oddly enough, the samosas there weren't so good, but I'm definitely going back. Buffet was $9.99

Then we went grocery shopping at the Commissary on post on payday, on a day that NC is going to get hit with snow/ice. Imagine the chaos. You can't.

But a pretty good day!


Sunni-Day said...

what is za'atar? I've never heard of it before. And what/how do you use it?

Sarah said...

Hi Sunni! I have no idea! :D The only place I've ever seen it used is in a bread recipe in Matt Kenney's Raw Food Real World. When I use it, I'll share how :)

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I really need to find the markets out here. That is a lot of za'atar! I've never had it, but saw it on Food Network recently and wanted to try it. It was some Lebanese breakfast pizza. Basically naan, margarine and za'atar fried up super quick.

Sarah said...

Thanks Mo! If you can't find any za'atar near you, let me know and I'll send you some :)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Hi Sarah
Choc chip cookie dough balls outta the Vita? Just dig it out with your hands or a spoon and form into balls! If it's too sloppy/wet/gloppy, you need more dry ingredients. HTH!
and thanks for reading and commenting!! :)

the rachface said...

The chaos? I can imagine it a little bit :) Looks like you had some great finds. I'd be happy to vegan care package you from VA too!