Thursday, October 23, 2008

I cave on RAW after 32 1/2 hours

Well after 32 1/2 hours raw, I caved in and ate cooked food. I knew what I was doing - it was a conscious decision. I made VwaV's tofu in stewed miso gravy for Livi, and I decided I wanted some and I was going to eat it. I was standing by the kitchen sink, and I was recalling that I had told myself I wasn't going to go 100% yet - I wanted to wait until I had a dehydrator so that I could feel like I had more options. I remembered that my goal thus far was to have 1 cooked meal a day, and the rest of the meals and my snacks would be raw. But I went through some serious detox-tension-migraine yesterday and then some icky nausea and stuff this morning while working out at the gym and I figured that if I made it this far, I could try 3 days or even a week just to see what happened.


So I ate less than I usually would before I got very full, and now my head is starting to twinge a bit. Whether from continuing detox or because my body is now upset, I can't be sure.

I also had a thought about my headaches this morning. If I got a detox headache that fast from RAW, maybe a lot of my headaches are because my body thinks it wants/needs something that it doesn't, and so . . . I don't know. I lost my train of thought. But I think you can figure out what I was going for.

So still waiting on some money to arrive. Can't wait to buy a Good4U!


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Hmm. Are you eating enough? About a week into my detox, I started feeling sick and getting headaches because the thought of eating nuts made me wanna hurl. A dehydrator does make things easier, but I found that if you hit a stuff that is naturally raw. Salads, fresh fruits and veggies, nuts. That worked for me anyway.

Sarah said...

I'm keeping track on fitday for calories and such and I could probably eat a tiny bit more, but I'm good. And I can totally foresee a point where nuts would seem hurl-worthy.

I had Ani's breakfast cakes w/ cashew coconut pudding and banana for breakfast. Smoothie will be next. Then maybe tacos. I love RAW tacos :D