Monday, September 18, 2006

Falafel and Reubens

Falafel from VwaV:

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It's not Moshe's (great falafel cart on 46th and 6th!) but it's good! Ahh, I miss Moshe.

Tempeh Reuben (without the sauerkraut, cause I'm scared of it) from VwaV:

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The tempeh reuben made me realize that I hadn't stopped eating tempeh because I OD'd on it, I stopped eating tempeh because sometimes the texture is just gross to me sometimes. I'll try my other package of tempeh in the gravy for the biscuits and gravy (in VwaV, of course).

I also made the lemon poppyseed muffins today, but instead of yogurt I used a very nifty replacement idea from one of the PPKers. I think the cornstarch in the replacement dulled down the lemon-y flavor a bit, because the muffins weren't as lemon-y as I would like. Oh, and I put them in cupcake liners, which was a bad idea, because they stuck to the liners.

Yesterday I made more mashed taters with punk rock chick pea gravy and I made more tofu sticks. This time I cut them in half and seasoned them with jerk seasoning instead of chili seasoning - yum! I think I love these things.

Also, I'm going to try making seitan from scratch again - this time I'm following the recipe from here because it even has nifty pics to accompany the directions! I'm leaving out the soy sauce from the cooking broth and using low sodium soy sauce for the recipe though because my last batch of seitan was WAY too salty for me. The purpose of this batch of seitan is, of course, more cheesesteaks. That "cheese" sauce is so good!!

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