Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Doctor Update

So the truth is that I never liked my Ob/Gyn (Dr. Robert Molson, Lutheran Medical).

I think the picture of W on the wall should have been a giveaway, but I ignored it and hung in there. When he refused to answer any of my questions and waved them all away, I hung in there. When he told me that my transverse baby wouldn't ever turn and that he was going to have to "cut me open," I grudgingly hung in there. When I told him I wasn't getting my antenatal Rhogam shot, he freaked a bit, but he hung in there. And then I showed him my very average, middle of the road birthplan. And he freaked out. Said I was one of "those kinds of women" who wanted to deliver with a midwife at home (well a midwife in a birthing center would be nice) and that I ought to deliver my own baby. (I told him I would, but I was high risk. I was pissed.) And then he fired me. (Take a look at the NY Department of Health's guide to a healthy birth, here, http://www.health.state.ny.us/nysdoh/perinatal/docs/your_guide_english.pdf, where it tells you how to make a birth plan!)

Yes folks, at 30 weeks of pregnancy, my Ob fired me - pretty responsible, right? He wanted me referred to the high risk doctor at the hospital (where it costs $7.50 to park and for whom I once waited 2+ hours and never actually saw a doc, just radiology techs) but he was so mad at me that he didn't tell the receptionist that. So she gave me an appointment with a doctor nearby. And the new doctor? She rocks! She answers questions. She has a sonogram machine in her office (oh, and my baby that wouldn't ever turn? She's turned.). She doesn't insist on cutting me open. And she requested that she see my birth plan. She's lovely! Now I just need a pediatrician . . .

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Lisa said...

Your doc FIRED YOU? What an ass. It's YOUR BODY. It's YOUR BABY. He's just the hired help. Pfft. Glad you found a good one.

*Nowhere near the same, but when I was ten, my piano teacher "fired me." Said I had a bad attitude. Now you know me, can you imagine? Me with a bad attitude? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh wow your doc sure did you a favor, turning you over to a better dr.

What beautiful pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

hi was a patient of dr. molson and he has retired, so was wondering if you would share your new doctor, can u please give me her name and number, thanks and regards

Sarah said...

He retired? Seriously? You should be happy - he was dreadful.

Dr. Hoskins - here - http://physfindweb.beryl.net/SearchResultDetails.aspx?ClientID=10410