Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Birthday Cake!

This year the kiddo loves wolves. Maybe you'll recall that last year, it was tigers

As it happens every year, I drew a total blank on what to make her. And then, eventually, I remembered Pinterest. Through the magic of pinterest, I found this amazing cake. Challenge accepted.

Except for the chocolate rocks and the plastic wolves, the entire cake is vegan. The kiddo loves chocolate rocks (she used to get them on her FroYo at TCBY) so I wasn't going to skip them. Hubs helped with the grass a little and the kiddo helped place the chocolate rocks. The cake is Red Velvet. For some reason I didn't use Isa & Terry's recipe, and I regretted it. NEVER DOUBT ISA AND TERRY. 

And yeah, my baby is EIGHT. Wow. She's still epic amounts of awesome, too :) 

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Cadry's Kitchen said...

What a great looking cake! Your daughter must have been thrilled.