Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Disney 2014!

I know, I was gone forever again, but I'm back with Disney food pics! With the exception of 2 dessert pics, everything here is vegan and most of it is gluten free (at a certain point, my gluten rash came back so I assumed I'd been gluten-ed so I ate some anyway (again, I'm intolerant, not allergic)). 

Raglan Road - risotto. It was amazing. I almost cried when I couldn't eat any more. XGFX. Dessert was just fruit, sad.

We have been trying to get into Chef Mickey's for years. We finally made it in, but it really wasn't all that. The buffet wasn't high in choices and it took FOREVER for a chef to come, and the waitress kept forgetting to bring me a water (but did get the soy for my coffee). Waffles and a cupcake! XGFX.

Akershus salad bar. Yummy! XGFX.

Akershus. Some sort of veggie quinoa thing and a roll. Freaking awesome. XGFX. I forget what dessert was, so we can be assured it probably wasn't that impressive.

XGFX waffles (Flounder and Ariel!) at the Art of Animation quick serve restaurant. I dealt with 3 chefs there during our stay, and they were all super nice.

Art of Animation quick serve dinner. Indian! Plus bread instead of naan (sigh). The spinach wasn't great but the rest was. And a 4 pack of babycakes brownies counted as a dessert! XGFX.

Sana'a at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Only one of the spreads with the package wasn't vegan (the raita, of course) and the naan and onion whatever weren't good for me so I got pappadums. So much yummy.

Sana'a meal, pappadums behind the plate. Two chickpea things. I forget what, but yum. XGFX.

Sana'a dessert - fresh made sorbet! Pineapple and coconut and a mango puree and fruit. The best dessert in the place. The pineapple sorbet was good but the coconut was amazing - like clouds. So good. XGFX.

The husband's dessert (not vegan).

The stepson's cheesecake! (Not vegan.)

Okay so we went to Mama Melrose's at Hollywood Studios, and my gluten rash was going crazy, so I thought FINE, I will eat gluten at the italian restaurant, because they had this great sounding mushroom flatbread. Well the gluten free dough has eggs, and the regular has whey. The chef said that with advanced notice they could make a vegan dough, but not gluten free. 

Here's whole wheat pasta with veggies. It was great, and I do not like whole wheat pasta.

XGFX pizza from the Art of Animation restaurant!

My childhood dreams, realized with a personalized Mickey hat and a Princess Kneesa.

Epcot was having it's flower festival and so they had a ton of specialty food carts. This is an eggplant scallop with remoulade and spaghetti squash. I don't like spaghetti squash but I wanted to lick this thing clean. Vegan, probably gluten free, but I didn't verify that.

Tokyo Dinner in Epcot! The kid loves her veggie sushi.

Here's the fun sounding tempura/sushi platter vegan'ed, so steamed veggies instead of tempura. Alas. Still good!

Mickey waffles at Olivia's cafe. XGFX.

Cutting her own pancakes! 

Maybe a non food post later in the week for other Disney pics :)

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Vi Nguyen said...

OMG, you're making me hungry! Lol. I loved those waffles when I went to Disney! Great pics!