Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Catch Up Pics!

I found this recipe for lentil soup in my recipes folder - I think it was from Vegetarian Times. It incorporates cilantro, so of course it's awesome.

 photo IMG_8056_zps61a0e03c.jpg

I've been making Dreena's almond roasted cauliflower from LTEV a lot lately - I sub sunflower seeds for the almonds and it's AMAZING. The yummiest cauliflower ever, I think.

 photo IMG_8057_zps1e7c24e4.jpg

Taco night!

 photo IMG_7771_zps2631aa09.jpg

Now that I have vegan sprinkles (I may sometimes eat some plain. Ahem) I can make funfetti pancakes for the kid!

 photo IMG_7551_zpsbf90ec42.jpg

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