Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AFR and some sweet potato tots

A few weeks ago I made the mango bbq beans from Isa's Appetite for Reduction. I served it with white rice (so the husband and kid would eat it - they're brown rice haters) and the jerk asparagus. I actually don't really like kidney beans but I LOVED this recipe. The husband doesn't like mango (I know, right?) but he liked it anyway and suggested trying with pineapple sometime.


I was picking up food for the husband at Sonic about two weeks ago and saw that they had sweet potato tots! They were $1.50 more but I wanted to pretend I was being healthy-ish. They were yummy but definitely not worth an extra $1.50.



radioactivegan said...

hahah, when I read "jerk asparagus" I read it like "that jerk asparagus didn't even call me back last night!"

Sarah said...

Would it kill him to call once in awhile??? :D

Jolene said...

Yeah, they were not worth the money...definitely taste the grease...blech!

Sarah said...

Yeah, that too! Sticking to regular tots.