Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AFR Mac & Trees

Today I made another Appetite for Reduction recipe! The highly recommended Mac and Trees! That'd be macaroni and cheesy sauce with broccoli, made with rice pasta and then chickpea flour instead of AP flour in the sauce. 

Here's mine:


Here's Livi and hers - she asked me to separate it, of course :)


And pictures I took of the dried goods I have on hand, just so I could focus on what I have in the house.






Liz said...

I made the Mac and Trees with Buffalo Tempeh yesterday! And I love your mason jar dried goods supply, I need to do that!

vko said...

looks yummy! and the name is too brilliant- Isa is brilliant. isn't it funny how some little kids like their foods separate? my sister used be that way when she was little...

Dawn said...

I haven't made that yet, but you're making it look delish. I might have to buy some broccoli. It's not usually around if I don't want it for a specific recipe.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I love your jars. I need to buy some because my beans and grains are in chaos right now.

I've never tried the mac and trees, but it looks great!