Sunday, January 09, 2011

Gluten Full

Yes, I said gluten full. I made Veganomicon banana muffins for Livi again (she will eat a whole batch in 3-4 days - it's one of her favorite foods) and I couldn't resist (okay, I could have, but I didn't feel like it) so I slathered one with earth balance and ate it...and I didn't get a headache or tummy issues! So I ate another ones. Then I made her "egg noodles" (Mueller's Old Fashioned Dumplings are like vegan egg noodles!) and I wanted some. I actually really wanted them with vegan cottage cheese because my dad and I used to eat egg noodles mixed with cottage cheese, but I didn't have any. So I ate some with earth balance, salt and tons of pepper. No headache, no tummy issues. So this morning I made Joy of Vegan Baking Irish Soda Bread and so far so good!


I'm also in the process of making the cottage cheese from The Uncheese Cookbook in case I make more noodles later, or to go on top of the gluten free rice bread.

I'm back to watching the P90X Infomercial because I love infomercials and I have a plyo workout to do in a bit :D

Update: The side effects of my gluten overload! I got RIDICULOUSLY tired around 3:30pm or so. So tired that I laid down in bed, the kid red a book to me and I fell asleep for an hour or so. Oops! Also, my nose is now super runny even though I took an allergy pill this morning. But so far no migraine and no IBS flares! (knock on wood) I think I'll do a super healthy day tomorrow to make up for today :) 


Anu said...

i loved reading yr blog. i am a vegetarian too, but i drink milk...

Carissa said...

Let me know how the cottage cheese turns out. I have that cookbook so if it's good I'll make some.

Sarah said...

Anu - Thanks! :)

Carissa - I've made it before and it's good! I added the dill because I LOVE DILL. I think there was a bit too much garlic powder but it's super yummy. I used low fat vegenaise.