Friday, December 31, 2010

AFR Curry Scramble - Take 2 and a Salad

I made the scramble wrap again today! I added carrots because I like carrots in my wraps and I didn't press the tofu this time and I crumbled instead of cubed. Also, the dressing has had 2 days to sit. It was good before and AWESOME today. I licked my plate.


I also made the Goddess Nicoise salad, though I didn't add the onions, and I didn't have any tomatoes. I also used diced larger potatoes instead of tiny ones and romaine. Oh and I used forzen french cut green beans. Despite my lack of ingredients and not liking chickpeas in their whole form lately, I loved this salad!



Carissa said...

That salad does look green and delicious!

Chandra said...

Looks so yummy!
Happy New Year!!
Peace :)