Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Currylicious and Appetite for Reduction

One of my most favorite ways to prepare tofu is the Veganomicon curried tofu. My favorite way to eat it is in an ezekiel wrap with vegenaise, sriracha, shredded carrots and baby spinach. Sadly, ezekiel wraps are not gluten free, so I've been buying the Food for Life gluten free rice tortillas which aren't nearly as good but they aren't bad - better than the GF bread!



For Christmas, my dad bought me Appetite for Reduction off of my wishlist - hurray! Today I started with the curried scrambled tofu (without arugula) on a rice tortilla with some of the Caesar Chavez dressing. It's not gorgeous, but it was yummy!


I wanted to make the Goddess Nicoise salad for lunch but was too hungry so I just took more of the scrambled tofu, put it over some cold quinoa, and added some of the CC dressing. 

Later I made dinner - the Cranberry-Cashew Biryani and while I was doing that, I prepped the dressing and chickpeas for the Nicoise salad for tomorrow. 



Kiddo ate a few bites and said it was good but now she's acting like I'm trying to kill her by making her finish the tiny bowl I gave her. She's ridiculously picky lately though, so don't trust her review. 

Also, as a snack today I tried the Glutino Blueberry Breakfast bars. They're decent. Not great, but really, are breakfast bars ever great?

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Carissa said...

Sometimes or actually...usually, the best recipes don't look great. That rice tortilla with the tofu and sauce looks great to me though! Lucky you, with your new book! I need a new vegan cookbook badly.