Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The wise words of a vegan freak

So I've finally done it. I've found a vegan board I love! VeganFreaks! One of the mods posted something in reply to an omni and it's just AMAZING. It's exactly what I think and feel everytime I see someone eating meat, or when I walk through the meat section of a grocery store (the dead animal section) or when I was at the car show looking at all the leather. Here are the wise words:

When you're a vegan, the connection between what sits on your dinner plate and what happened to it before it got there is important. This means that while you may see a piece of flesh, that's been pulled from a previously living being, processed to the point where it no longer even vaguely resembles the creature that used to walk around anymore, and is presented in a manner fitting to what the carnist lifestyle considers as valid "food," as appetising, someone who's vegan know/sees/feels the brutal cruelty involved in every ounce of that "food." Sitting by and watching others proceed to consume what we know to have genuinely suffered, and knowing that they're enjoying the sanctioned murder makes us sick, not because we feel that those consuming the flesh are evil or tainted, but that the entire system that condones and endorses that cruelty is not questioned. That the pleasure of the toture is placed on a higher ground than the evils of the system that allow it makes us cringe.

It's amazing. It just hit me. Bravo!

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