Monday, May 08, 2006

Today's cravings

Yesterday I had another huge chocolate craving, so I made hot chocolate! I got the recipe here. It was too much so I cut the recipe in half and it was still more than I needed, but it was so good!!

Right now I'm boiling water for pasta so I can make Mac Un-Cheese. I also found cheapy chocolate chips and so I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies! Yea!

Oh - and as of today I am 16 weeks pregnant - woo hoo!

update: the Mac Un-Cheese is not bad! I should say that the last time I bought nutritional yeast, I got the Whole Foods brand, which doesn't say that it's B-12 enriched (duh me for not noticing before I got it home!) and to me, doesn't smell or taste as good as I remember n.y. being. That being said, with some peas added, it's not bad!

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