Friday, March 15, 2013

Two Recent Meals & A Book!

Hi everyone! A quick dinner post so I can get back to reading Lauren Oliver's "Requiem" - it's the final book in her Delirium trilogy! I am totally behind a dystopian novel that starts in Maine.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-15at80821PM_zpsf7aa10b9.png

Also, requiem is totally one of those words that stops looking like a word when you look at it a lot.

Tonight's dinner revolved around the fact that the commissary sold me another box of frozen tofu. Now, I loved frozen 'fu when I was just starting out as a vegan, but now? No thank you - too spongy! I realized the only thing to do with it was to fry it, so I mixed some cornstarch, some salt, and some Penzey's Arizona Dreaming and then I fried it. Served with roasted baby bellas and white rice (hubs and kid won't eat brown rice). 

 photo IMG_1286_zps8ea9e9fa.jpg

Here's a dinner based around a tester recipe for Joni's new fusion cookbook - roasted broccoli with garlic - yummy! Also pictured, brown rice (I had some leftover for me) and the mojo tofu from Terry's Viva Vegan book.

 photo IMG_1285_zps71910245.jpg

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