Saturday, October 31, 2009

A meh green smoothie and more Raw

I was a little slow on the real food train today. Started with pumpkin spice coffee (mmmm) and got back from the "veggie store" about 15 minutes ago. Am drinking a green smoothie that I am suffering to get through. 2 small kale leaves, 2 medium celery stalks, a golden delicious apple, an overripe banana and some cinnamon. It's not bad, it's just MEH.

In a little bit I will start on making Alissa Cohen's pesto stuffed mushrooms, some raw onion bread (needless to say I haven't picked a recipe), and for T.V. we're going to make some seitan (V'Con!) and mashed blue potatoes.

Pics later!

Okay, it's later. I didn't take pics. I wasn't planning well today so whenever food was ready, I was starving.

Today's eats:
  • UNRAW - coffee, silk creamer, unrefined sugar (bad me, but migraine avoidance!)
  • green smoothie - kale, celery, apple, cinnamon, banana, hemp seeds - MEH
  • milkshake - raw almond milk, frozen bananas, cacao nibs
  • apple with almond butter and this hempseed spread
  • mushrooms w/ pesto
  • salad w/ dijon dressing (from Raw Food Revolution Diet - this dressing was okay, but the other dressings I've tried from the book so far are AWESOME)
  • UNRAW - 1 sea salt multigrain chip
  • banana fig pudding (also from raw food revolution diet)

As you can imagine from that list, my tummy does feel a bit confused, and my head feels a bit wonky, but other than that I'm doing okay. Oh, and I did feel a bit cranky earlier.


Gena said...

So exciting that you're enjoying more raw foods!

Sarah said...

Thanks Gena! I try, but when I go all in my detox gives me debilitating migraines which aren't so handy when one is parenting alone!

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) said...

What a yummy variety of foods! That hempseed spread looks good too.
Am reserving The Raw Food Revolution Diet from the library, looks like a good one -- thanks for mentioning it!

Sarah said...

Sheri - I super highly recommend the creamy hemp dressing and the liquid gold dressing. YUM.