Thursday, June 07, 2018

Moving on...again

Once upon a time, a girl dreamed of returning to the college where she spent her freshman year and working there until retirement. She thought it'd be a lot of fun to see the picturesque green grounds (and sometimes entirely snow covered grounds) every single day. She'd admire the century+ old campus and watch students mingle.

And then she got there, and it seemed good at first. She joined the masters program with a plan to circumvent the English department's "literary fiction only" bent. And that plan failed, so she dropped out with a 4.0.

And then she realized that the terrible pay was never going to get better, and that some of the benefits weren't as good as they originally seemed. She let the idea of leaving creep in, and she suddenly realized that despite all its good things, it was more annoying than it was good.

And then her husband graduated with his MBA and got a job with NY Life, and finally, freedom was in sight.

So now I have eight days left after today. If today ever ends. And then I'll be returning to the glory that is being a stay at home mom. But I'll also be writing, and working on getting an agent and getting published and making my stories all they can be.

(Why, yes. I did watch all of Brooklyn 99 in the last month, why do you ask?)

Also, my mom died in October 2016 and my dad died in January, so I've had chronic neck pain and migraines for 20 months and I am tired. It's exciting that now I don't have to expend any extra energy at a job where I am woefully underpaid. Now I can use that energy on my kiddo and my dreams.