Sunday, September 07, 2014

Slacking already! Some Grilled Stuff.

Ugh, sorry everyone! Working on some things that are keeping me busy.

My favorite thing about owning a grill? My husband cooks dinner more often. Here we have grilled potatoes (From the farmer's market, they're called "creamers" apparently), grilled garlic scapes, some squash, and BBQ tofu. 

I love BBQ tofu. Tofu and barbeque sauce, together, always good. 

Tonight's dinner is just pasta and broccoli. No picture of that :)


Julie said...

Have yet to try BBQ tofu; looks good! :)

Dawn said...

I've never put potatoes on the grill. Why have I never thought of that? Also, I'm the griller at my house so we don't do it so much.