Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Returning to GF & Sensible Eating & Increasing Vegan Level

Okay, so in addition to being a bad food blogger, I've also been a bad gluten-free eater and have gained a few pounds. So not cool. 

One of the many perks of moving is that I am so excited to leave NC. I am like a 12th generation New Englander and I do not belong in the south, land of the humid, where lizards roam free. This means that I am really happy to be going as close to home as the Army is currently willing to send us, and life should be happier and easier and I will actually be willing to do something crazy, like go for a walk outside and take the kid to the park.

Until then, I can eat gluten free, though the main food focus for the next month is to use up all the food we have on hand.

So I used to be really picky about I liked tempeh - I liked Katie's Tempeh Wingz, Isa's Biscuits and Gravy, Isa's Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes, and that was it. 

In the last few months, something weird has happened - I even like my tempeh plain, right out of the package! Crazy, right? My FB vegan friends and I theorize my vegan level is increasing ;) It's been about 10 years since I went vegan, so maybe that's it. 

I got some of Schar's gluten free ciabatta buns the other day, and I decided I needed tempeh salad to top my roll. Off I googled, where I found Hungry Hungry Hippie's recipe. I lazied it up for me and made a 1/4 batch. Mine had tempeh, relish, tamari, apple cider vinegar (lazier than lemon juice), dill, garlic powder, and half the amount of vegenaise. I really liked it, but the kiddo thought it was gross. 

Today or tomorrow I'll straighten my fridge and pantry, make a list, and take pics to show you all what I'm working with. 


Chandra said...

I would eat it. It looks great!
Peace :)

Sarah said...

Thanks! I thought it was good :)

Andhra RECIPE said...

wow, this is quick and very easy. I havent try this before and this is looking yummy.