Thursday, October 31, 2013

Recent eats: cheesy potato, artichoke, and more!

Some recent eats!

A baked potato with broccoli and cheese (the cheesy sauce from Appetite for Reduction) and a steamed artichoke and some tofu (forget what kind).

 photo IMG_1792_zps6bbe20b3.jpg

Appetite for Reduction Nicoise Salad. I was going to cheap out and buy a plain potato, but the commissary actually had this cute bag of red white and blue baby potatoes and I couldn't say no, and the kid appreciated that. She didn't eat the chickpeas but she liked the rest.

 photo IMG_1789_zps3a3a933b.jpg

In my early vegan days, and even my pregan days, I used to like to saute veggies (whatever kind I had) and add them to the sauce. Here is a sauce with mushrooms and topped with lots of nooch.

 photo IMG_7326_zps97f5c757.jpg

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