Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweet Apology + Working on the Giveaway!

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Sorry for the temporary MoFo absence! I was working on an online fiction writing contest for a few days. Since I was gone, here are some cupcakes!

These are the VCTOTW vanilla cupcakes and vanilla buttercream with a little bit of strawberry extract added to the frosting. I made them for the kiddo to take to a birthday party, but the birthday girl got donuts instead of cake! I guess I should have checked with her mom first. 

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Here are some cupcakes I made yesterday to go with the leftover frosting. I made a simple rose, but it looks weird on the chocolate because the cupcake was sinking! I haven't had that happen before. These two were gluten free - I just took the VCTOTW recipe and quartered it (I wrote out a few of my favorite cupcake recipes from the book and cut them in quarters so each batch makes 3 regular size cupcakes or 12 bite size cupcakes!) and then I subbed my 3:1 brown rice flour:tapioca flour - didn't even use xantham gum.

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I'm still gathering a few things to giveaway sometime later this month. No company has sent me anything so this is just a little box of fun gluten free and vegan things. I'm really sorry, but it's going to have to be for the US only - I have horrible luck with mailing things overseas. 

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