Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wherein I Learn a Harsh Minty Lesson

Just today, after 9 years of veganism, I googled to find out if pep-o-mint lifesavers are vegan. I couldn't find the answers, so I called Wrigley to ask.

They aren't vegan.

They're not even vegetarian. 

They have stearic acid derived from pigs and cows. Two dead animals in one tiny minty product! 

I felt a little queasy, I confess. How many of those lifesavers have I eaten in the last 9 years? I don't have them all the time, but when I'm in a lifesaver cycle (and I had been recently because of a recurring cough), there are at least a few of the big ones a day.

Ugh. Thankfully I was on my way to the (overpriced) health food store, so I found some Yummy Earth peppermints, and I'm sucking on one now, trying to get the memory of those nasty lifesavers out of my head. And mouth. 



Sara Jayne said...

Wow, never would have guessed! They're our weekly church candy, guess I need to find a new one :)

Just found your blog and now following!


meshell said...

blah, I'd hate to find that out, but it happens. It's been a long time and I still read ingredients out of habit. Every once and a while I'm pleasantly surprised that a company has gone accidentally-vegan, other times... I find out they've added something awful to a product I used to enjoy!

Sarah said...

Sara, it doesn't make sense! Apparently the fruity ones are vegan, but I think I just quit them altogether. Ick. And thanks!! I just checked your blog link but it says it doesn't exist?

meshell - I've gotten a little lazy, but no more!

Anna {Herbivore Triathlete} said...

Ugh, yuck! Why in the world do mints need TWO animals in them. That is gross.

Sarah said...

Agreed. Times two.