Saturday, August 10, 2013

Recent Eats + Summer Migraines

The heat finally really kicked in and so my migraines kicked in too. Hence the lack of posts but I have to get better - this year Vegan MoFo is in September! I can't believe it's almost September, but I'm pretty psyched for the kid to go back to school and for October (when the weather starts cooling down out of the 80s and 90s). 

Since I was gone awhile, here are some different things.

From Appetite for Reduction, Arabian Lentil Soup. I had to get a picture because the kiddo LOVES this. She got mad at me for finishing the leftovers once. 

 photo IMG_1611_zps58fe9268.jpg

From The Bay Leaf in New Bern, NC, here is what I believe was called the Dal Tadaka and some of the sauces that came with the samosas. Super yums.

 photo IMG_6381_zps1b37b6dc.jpg

Also from AFR, the Caesar Salad with Eggplant Bacon!

 photo IMG_6234_zpsb965a0cb.jpg

Another Veggie BBQ Sandwich from The Black Cat Cafe in Raleigh - I love this sandwich so much.

 photo IMG_6321_zps3c00c301.jpg

GF Pizza! Using the crust recipe from Julie Hasson's "Vegan Pizza.

 photo IMG_6249_zps976980a8.jpg

And some crazy little blueberries floating in the middle of my homebrew booch.

 photo IMG_6285_zpsd03dfc49.jpg

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