Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Review: Reed's Culture Club Kombucha

Today I had the joyous fun of hanging around an Apple Genius Bar, waiting to find out what's wrong with my Macbook (the screen randomly goes black, and when I googled, it said to take it in AND sometimes it runs hot and the fan runs fast and loud). Since I had to drive to Raleigh to see the geniuses, I decided I'd go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (Six Forks, if you're wondering, since Raleigh has TWO WFs) and get some fun foods.

While I was at WF, I decided to try a new booch, so I grabbed a Reed's Culture Club in Raspberry Lemon Ginger. Sadly, I was very disappointed, which is extra sad when you spend $3.39 on a drink. It isn't at all "boochy" (like the Synergy Kombucha is extra "boochy") and the flavor reminded me of one of those all natural fruit "sodas" you get that aren't quite yummy. Really sad, especially since the last batch of kombucha I made stunk, and the one I've got going now has been in a few days too long, but I don't have tea to make a new batch right now. 

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