Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Red Velvet Cupcakes (again!) and My New Book Blog

Again, since I owe you food, I'm going with cupcakes. More Red Velvet at the husband's request. These came out GREAT. 

 photo IMG_1456_zps18e3f868.jpg

And here are some chocolate cupcakes which can be cross posted on my book blog, because I made them so I could give Sarah Dessen some cupcakes at her book signing in Chapel Hill.

 photo IMG_5337_zpsf80f939a.jpg

And here's the veggie BBQ sandwich from Black Cat Cafe in Raleigh. This was really yummy. 

 photo IMG_5369_zps9112bc17.jpg

Now for my new book blog - Book Nom Noms


Joanne said...

You just can't ever go wrong with more cupcakes!

Sarah said...

Thanks Joanne! *I* certainly agree :D