Monday, January 21, 2013

Joni Marie Newman Testers - Tofu & Kale Chips

I have been slacking off for my first recipe tester opportunity! Joni Marie Newman's next book looks amazing based on the recipes on the testing forum - spicy and flavorful! Sadly for me and my testing responsibilities, I live with a 6 year old (most kids aren't up for spicy) and a husband who hates all kinds of fun heat. Alas. I realized the deadline for recipe testing was quickly approaching, so I'm kicking it into high gear. 

Yesterday I made her Sweet Chili Sauce and the Sweet Chili Grilled Tofu. SO good. Yummy. I served mine with quinoa and steamed kale and I gave the kid hers with steamed broccoli. She likes kale, but I didn't know if she'd eat a whole serving, so I made the last of the broccoli for her. I made sure to scrape off any red pepper flakes on her tofu but it was still a little bit spicy for her. I LOVED the tofu. So yummy. I'm really psyched I have some leftovers for lunch today!

 photo IMG_0625_zpsd1e77f5f.jpg

I also made her Sesame Kale Chips.

 photo IMG_0639_zpsa66e7986.jpg

These were pretty good but not my favorite kale chips (nor the kiddos). We like our kale chips very plain - olive oil and salt - but I know that lots of people love kale chips like these, so I'm pretty sure they'd be a hit.

I also made her Spicy Cucumber Salad. I really liked it but I left out most of the heat so the kid and hubs would eat it, and I think it would have been even yummier with more heat.

 photo IMG_0339.jpg

The kiddo is what I call a cupcakeatarian - she is mostly vegan but she does eat some junk food - cupcakes at parties that aren't vegan, some candies, cinnamon rolls at school for breakfast (she really wants to eat school lunches but they all have meat). She was recently diagnosed as allergic to hickory trees, tree nuts, and egg whites. When I saw the book Allergy-Friendly Food For Families at the library, I checked it out. There are a few recipes in there that look great but I knew the first recipe I had to try was the banana bread waffles. 

 photo IMG_0623_zpscbab5c8d.jpg

They were REALLY good and definitely tasted like banana bread. 


sara said...

I love the sweet chili sauce. Still need to try it with the grilled tofu. I'm having to omit all kinds of spices so my kids will eat it, too.

Sarah said...

I was going to comment on your blog but I am such a comment slacker lately!! :D I was going to say something about Sara(h)s with Olivias :)

It's tough b/c the spices all sound great! I did the lower # of pepper flakes in the sauce but I'll try less once the hubs gets home to see if he eats it. I just ate the leftovers cold. Yummy!

Dawn said...

I wish I could eat spicy tofu with you! Looks and sounds delicious. And those waffles are pretty high on my list of things to make soon.

Colynn O said...

Everything looks so good. I love spicy. Surprisingly, I've never tried kale chips, but I really need to. :)

Sarah said...

They're great! I like them simpler - just olive oil and salt for me. Also, if you have a dehydrator those are best because you can't burn kale chips in a d :D