Friday, November 02, 2012

Recipe Testing and a Smoothie

Mmm, smoothie! 8th Continent soy milk (I can't get the kid to drink anything other than soy so it's usually all we have), spinach, frozen bananas, flax seed, nutribiotic vanilla rice protein, 2 dates. Yummy!


Also, I'm doing my first testing for a recipe book and it's one of Joni's! I'm so super psyched - I was like a crazed stalker waiting for her burger book so not having to wait for a book is such a relief! :D

Last night I made her special take on chicken and waffles so here we have savory waffles, fried tofu, and a peanut sauce! Peanuts are a migraine trigger for me but once in awhile I enjoy some peanutty goodness. I didn't gluten free the recipe because I wanted to try it as is first but I will gluten free some of the recipes in the future and eat them that way (but I won't share!:).


The husband liked the whole thing and the kiddo liked the tofu and kind of liked the sauce but is not a fan of her first savory waffle. It was my first savory waffle too but I want more! 

Today I used some leftover peanut sauce and tofu and put them in a lettuce wrap - yummy!



sara said...

I'm testing for Joni too! I'm making the Korean BBQ this weekend. I wanted to make those waffles, but I don't own a waffle iron. Maybe I'll just do the tofu and sauce and make lettuce wraps like you did. They look awesome!

Kelly said...

Whoaaa that looks amazing!

Lana *Urban Lake* said...

Hi, I've just discovered your blog and love it :) I like the look of the peanut sauce and tofu, I might have to try that. I love peanuts and peanut butter but I must admit I've never really tried it as a sauce. Sounds good!