Thursday, October 18, 2012

Whoops! Puppy and a Party

I got off the Mofo train again! On Friday we adopted a rescue dog from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter - a kill shelter. We spent the weekend getting ready for her and I've been working on her housebreaking - she's about 7 months old and I don't know what her previous situation was. Right now she's asleep at my feet so I don't have to worry that she's behind me peeing everywhere, so that's good. Of course I don't haven't imported pictures in a few days and my camera is across the room and if I move to get it I'll wake her and I'll be out of time.


I have indeed had a green smoothie a day (except for one day) since saying I would. I got one of those bags of pre chopped and cleaned kale so that makes things easier for me. Kale is my favorite green for smoothies - I find spinach tastes funny sometimes and other greens have a real noticeable flavor that I don't think works in smoothies.

I also prefer my smoothies with banana and then one other kind of fruit. Yesterday the kiddo and I went to the health food store and got some Udo's Oil which I hadn't bought since I gave her some when she was younger. This time it's for both of us and our dry itchy skin. We tried it on our dinner last night and were pleased it had no real noticeable flavor. (I can do a quick post from my phone later with last night's dinner.) 

I've also been busy because next Friday is the kiddo's 6th birthday (OMG) and her birthday party is 8 days after that. She's inviting her whole class and a few friends from other places - wow! I have no idea what to do for food except I know what she wants for a cake - I bought the Wilton Party Pony Pan she wanted. Wish me luck for when I attempt that!! 


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kelly g. said...

Oh, congratulations! I think you can be excused for the lack of posts. Priorities!

Our Peedee was just seven months old when we adopted him (he's 10 years now). Such a fun a silly age. Good luck with the house training!

Dawn said...

Puppy + Pony Party + Pony Cake Pan= all great reasons to pull up your MoFo wagon!

I'd love to meet that puppy--oh, and make sure you grease that cake pan really good, in fact, pre-heat it in the oven until it's hot, then spray with canola oil, THEN fill with the cake batter. The detail should really pop and you shouldn't have any sticking issues (wait until it's totally cool to unmold).

I have no advice about the puppy

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Thanks Dawn!! I don't need too much puppy advice but I'm pretty scared about the cake pan! Thank you so much!

And thanks Kelly! She's a funny dog - she has these long legs and she's a total klutz :)