Monday, October 15, 2012

Tofu Scramble Wrap


I love tofu scramble. Always one for the classics, I've totally reverted to the first scramble I've ever tried - Isa's in Vegan with a Vengeance - and it's pretty much all I'll eat. A few months ago I started adding broccoli to it and that's now  pretty much a must. If I happen to have mushrooms on hand, they're always a bonus. 

Here's a scramble I made yesterday but I ate some for dinner on a gluten free tortilla. In case you didn't know, cold scramble + vegenaise + hot sauce = awesome. Actually, for any sandwich the vegenaise/avocado/hot sauce combo is perfect. 

Here it is, plated not very nicely at all.


Here are some old scrambles:



(this one is from AFR and has caesar chavez on top)

(same but on a gf tortilla)

4 comments: said...

I love scramble, especially in a wrap or with spinach. Yum!

Dawn said...

Jealous of your scrambles. They all look so yummy. You know, of course, I want the Caesar Chavez one most.

Claryn said...

I am a huge proponent of hot sauce + vegan mayo on any burrito/wrap/sandwich/whatever. It's so good!

Zen_Hippie Lindsay said...

So funny -- I always remind myself to make tofu scramble but forget. But the WRAP -- WHAT A GREAT IDEA -- could bring me back to the egg mcmuffin and breakfast burrito days from childhood at McDonalds...