Saturday, October 06, 2012

Just because it has buckwheat . . .


. . . doesn't mean it's healthy. This morning while my coffee brewed I finished the last four (tiny!) cookies from yesterday's batch. They taste just buckwheat-y enough so that they seem healthy, but when I put the recipe into Weight Watchers, I found out that I'd eaten about 10 points of cookies and I get 26 points a day, so whoops.

After the coffee and the cookies I had a green smoothie. Lunch was a milk based smoothie (we only have Silk unsweetened right now), snack was a not very good apple (being a New Englander in the south is extra horrible during apple season because it's hard to find good ones - macs and ginger golds are my favorites). 

For dinner I had leftover millet, peas, caesar chavez dressing, and more tofurky kielbasa.


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