Friday, July 13, 2012

Disney Eats 2012

It's true, we went back to Disney. In the summer. Again. It was revoltingly hot, but it was fun and the waits were a little better than last year's August trip. Less fun food this time, but still some good stuff.

First, the bad. The worst meals were at Planet Hollywood (I got a salad without the meat or chicken and it tasted like it had spoiled - the waiter was nice enough to remove it from the bill) and I can't remember the second one right now.

Cosmic Ray's - gluten free veggie sandwich. Not quite as great as last year but still good.


Akershus - some salads from the salad bar.


Akershus meal. I have no idea what the patty was but it was amazing. It was all amazing. 


The kiddo got ravioli. Mickey shaped ravioli. (A side note, Livi is what I call a cupcakeatarian - she's mostly vegan except for some junk food and except for Disney).


Pizza Planet! They were out of the cheese and they got a new kind of crust but this was really yummy.


And Olivia's at Old Key West.

The menu.


My gluten free Mickey waffles with strawberry sauce!


And I mentioned the kiddo's name was Olivia so they all signed a menu to their "boss" - so super cute!!


That's all for now - some of the pics filed out of place in iPhoto and there's at least one on my husband's phone.


radioactivegan said...

I'm so jealous! I've wanted to go to one of the Disney parks for so long! I hope you had a great time (it's the happiest place on earth, after all!).

Gina Guillotine said...

It's really great how Disney parks are getting on the bandwagon, isn't it? We went to Disneyland in April, but I didn't post about the food at all. It was great to find different things. One place even had grilled portobello mushroom sandwiches that were divine. Overpriced, but very tasty.