Monday, April 02, 2012

Raw, E2L, No Sugar . . . ?

I recently spent 10 1/2 days "raw except for 1 coffee a day" and I followed that with a day and a half of eating regularly (for me) and then I spent a day eating regularly except for a tiny bit of wheat flour. That was yesterday and today I vowed I'd follow Eat to Live and I'd give it my all for the 6 weeks, just like Dr. Fuhrman says to do. 

For breakfast today I had a 1/2 of a coffee (with soy creamer and sugar) and a smoothie (1 cup soymilk, a banana, a tablespoon of ground flax, and some frozen mango). My morning snack was an apple and for lunch I had a salad (one pound of veggies!). For dressing I tried a recipe from the E2L book but it wasn't very good, so I made the green goddess dressing from Appetite for Reduction but I left out the salt. For afternoon snack I put a frozen banana into the food processor and added a tablespoon of raw almond butter.

Now for dinner. I decided I wanted to make the lentils and rice from Veganomicon - I was hoping that the cinnamon and allspice and the caramelized onions would make up for not using salt. They didn't. I sprinkled a tiny bit of salt on the rest and then lost it and made a single serve blueberry muffin (gf with bob's gf mix - also, I made the pumpkin chocolate chip yesterday and it was amazing; today's muffin i made without oil so it wasn't amazing but it was definitely yummy) and then I used the last remaining bit of tofu we had to make a low salt scramble. 

After this I spent a few minutes looking over the "no sugar support thread", vowing to go sugar free. And then I wondered why I couldn't just eat sensibly and lose weight that way. The thing is, the reason I usually decide to try out raw is that I eat a surprisingly low quantity of raw fruits and veggies in my every day regular life.

So what will tomorrow lead to for me? I have no idea other than it will start with a smoothie - it usually does.



I had a lot of success doing Eat to Live to the letter (I lost almost 30 pounds), but I never really got used to it. It was difficult the whole time—though I did eat some delicious salads.

Also, while I love Dr. Fuhrman's theories, his recipes are...not always the tastiest.

Sarah said...

30 pounds! That's amazing! But yeah, yesterday was so long somehow and I think it's the bland food. If I'm already vegan and gluten free and I don't use tons of salt and the only added sugar I use is for my coffee . . .

And yeah! the recipe was for balsamic dressing. It was baaaaad.