Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lazy girl's chickpea salad recipe

I go through cycles with chickpeas - sometimes I hate them, sometimes I can't live without them. I'm currently in a can't live without them phase and this is one of my favorite ways to eat them. Okay, it's my favorite way, and that's kind of gross, but here you go. 

1 cup chickpeas
1 tbsp reduced fat vegenaise
1/2 tbsp yellow mustard
too much relish! (I use maybe 2-3 tbsp per cup of chickpeas?)

I put it all into a food processor and turn it on until there are no big chunks of chickpeas and I add salt and pepper to taste (I hate when people say that, I'm sorry. I shake some salt in and then top with pepper later.) 

My favorite way to serve this is on a romaine leaf and topped with banana peppers. I spent YEARS thinking I hated banana peppers and when I tried them again a few months ago I loved them, so we're together now, banana peppers and I. 



Lauren said...

I hate when people say "to taste" too, but I say it. Well, I type it. Lol

Dawn said...

That's almost how I make mine too. Leave out the mustard and add some dried chopped onions. Oh and I'm usually in too much of a hurry to bother with the processor, I just mash with a fork.

And banana peppers? brilliant! must try

Shell said...

I love chickpeas. I don't know that I have ever had ups and downs with them...in fact, it may be the only food I really enjoy because of its versatility. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!