Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take out Tuesday (1 day late)

Every Tuesday is the same thing, I admit it. It's kid's eat free day at our local Moe's, and that just makes for a great deal. I used to love their burritos but since I can't do gluten, I switched to their shell free taco salad (their taco shell is made from flour tortillas - alas). I get it with tofu and black beans and no dressing - I just get some extra salsa from the salsa bar and dump that on top. Not only is it amazing, but it's only about 295 calories . . . assuming you stay away from the chips. I can't. 


Livi gets a kid burrito with rice, tofu and black beans. Yes, that's it. Sometimes she steals lettuce from my salad. 


Bethany said...

Hi Sarah! Mmm, I'm so jealous that I don't have a Moe's nearby!!

I love the fact that you're a fellow vegan mommy! I'd like to honor you with a Liebster Award. You can pick it up at my blog

I appreciate your support during MoFo! :) Bethany

Mandee said...

I love that so many places now offer their burriot and taco fillings in bowls, yay for gf-friendly eats.

radioactivegan said...

I LOVE MOE'S SO MUCH! when I lived in TN, we went at least every Monday (Moe Monday, woot woot!) and then usually at least one other time during the week. Not counting people, Moe's might be the thing I miss the most about Knoxville.

Dawn said...

That looks so tasty!
It's such a shame that Livi has such extravagant tastes ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Moe's so, so much, but I had no idea they have a kids eat free day! I'll have to see if ours participates in that.