Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Quick Post

Hi everyone! Sorry for my day or so off - I wanted to post every day, but I've been super busy with Livi birthday stuff - she turns 5 TODAY!! 

Let's do some recent sandwiches with those Schar gluten free rolls I'm so fond of.

This first one looks kind of gross, but I really wanted a hot dog and I finally bought some of the XGFX ones from Whole Foods but I didn't have any hot dog rolls, so . . .


Here is a nice little sandwich with some herb tofutti cream cheese (so much yummier than the plain!) and some cukes and sprouts. I wanted a bagel, but . . . sigh.


And here's Livi eating my newest silly idea to make her happy :D


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jessy said...

i love that happy plate she has go'n on there. awww! her happyface matches it. so awesome! Sami's Bakery sells xgfx bagels, but they are run on the same belt as wheat so be careful if you're sensitive. i have yet to have a flair-up when i enjoy them, but i know everyone is different. now i want tofu pups....and i wanna say we have some at home too. huzzah!

p.s. - i had no idea tofutti cream cheeze offered an herb variety. i need to check this out!

p.p.s - i used your idea of bbq soycurls quesadillas. they were the best EVER! thanks so much, Sarah!