Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Some XGFX products I like


I found these Schar classic white rolls and they seem vegan and they're gluten free and they're actually the best XGFX bread product I've had so far. If anyone knows that they aren't vegan, go ahead and break my heart now, JUST DO IT. Anyway. 

Last week I made Mama Pea's lunchbox tofu and mmmm sauce and I really liked them both, especially when I put them together! I was out of almonds but at the okay of Mama Pea herself, I substituted sunflower seeds in the sauce and it came out great!

Here is some of the lunchbox tofu on a schar roll with the sundried tomato dip from Veganomicon - yummy!


Another one of my favorite XGFX products is the EnviroKidz version of frosted flakes - they are so yummy and even the kiddo loves them.


I find the oddest things at my local Christmas Tree Shops, including this XGFX caramel pudding! I was surprised how good this was - I've had that almond yogurt they sell at Whole Foods and I don't like that stuff much at all.





K said...

We have the schar range here too and I enjoy their bread but haven't tried their buns, will give them a goo!

Caitlin said...

i recently saw schar buns at the store, but am always hesitant to try xgfx bread products without someone recommending them. i guess i can try them now ;)

Dawn said...

I want store bought pudding!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Caramel pudding? I must get my hands on that stuff.

Mandee said...

Schar products are fantastic, they're one of the best gf breads around!